Certification for Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader

Become a Practice Leader of Tai Chi for your company or organization. This 25 hour certification program offers a comprehensive look at the basic Tai Chi and Qigong methods used throughout China and now in the United States to help people of all ages take control of their own health by learning easy-to-do movements, breath practices and simple meditation. The benefits of Tai Chi are numerous, however, there is still a shortage of instructors able to share these health enhancing practices with the public. This certification course can be taught to anyone in a company who is interested in offering Tai Chi as an Employee Wellness Benefit.  No Tai Chi experience is needed to become a Practice Leader, this program will walk you through from start to finish so you have the tools to start this health enhancement program immediately upon completion of this certification program.


Massage for Personal Health

Touch seems to be a lost art form in our world and yet it is the most essential and oldest form of deep communication. Enhance your own health or those around you, by learning basic massage techniques to calm muscles, increase circulation, decrease blood pressure, improve skin tone, and relax your mind and body. This class can be customized for couples to regain intimacy and learn new ways to communicate with one another. This class can also work great for children or teens who are learning the difference between safe touch and sexual touch… it can help reinforce healthy touch and change what seems uncomfortable into a structured, safe tool for community, personal growth and awareness. This informative and fun program can be structured as a seminar or half-day workshop. Advanced training for licensed massage therapists is available on-site.