Speaker fees:  Varies depending on program or training.

Customized programs, seminars & retreats available nationwide.  Deborah is also available for Spa consulting and spa massage staff training.  Please see the contact page to book Deborah.


Suggested Keynote and Breakout Session Programs:

Living Wellness At Work

The path to a well-balanced, healthy life includes our accountability of self care and self-healing… in our personal life and the time we spend at work. Each of us has the power to create the life we want, but when busyness and stress become the pattern, our body responds to the messages and habits we give it. This ‘stress response’ lowers creativity and decreases productivity while increasing tension-related sickness, muscle soreness, depression and anxiety. Learning quick and easy wellness techniques that can be incorporated immediately into our work-life can provide an effective method of prevention that can be carried into our home-life. These simple methods of breathing, posture, movement, self-massage and mind-body awareness can empower and align us with an honest assessment of self and provide the tools necessary to manage a proactive approach to personal health, wellness and overall happiness. Kick off those uncomfortable shoes and let your hair down in this refreshingly fun and interactive seminar of self-discovery and stress-reducing adventure toward more personal energy, clarity and contentment.


Think Well – Be Well

Our thoughts can consume our lives… so they better be good ones!  Learn how to change your life by simply changing the way you think every day.  Look at new ways to get through tough or stressful situations so you stay healthy and well, no matter how hard life gets. Take time to look at yourself from inside out… We take our organs for granted every day as they continue to plug away to keep us alive. Each stressful situation, each emotion, each reaction that enters our body can affect us physically, specifically attacking our organs. It is literally up to us to make our body and mind healthier or sicker with each situation life throws at us. Learn how to connect with what’s on the inside and send loving gratitude by using specialized breathing, touch and sound techniques to positively influence your organ and cellular health. This class is an eye-opening, sensory experience that can have profound benefits as well as be a deeply relaxing experience.


Tai Chi for Wellness

Studies have proven that mind-body practice, self-care and self-healing are a key focus in health care, wellness, corporate productivity and more.  Tai Chi and Qigong (chee gung), the wellness practices of traditional Chinese medicine, are among the best forms of physical activity for diverse populations because they are low cost, low impact, and easy to learn. This class is not about traditional Tai Chi forms, but rather a customized combination of mindful movements, synchronized with the breath to gently exercise and stretch our body. When these simple movements are combined with intention and meditation, it can improve specific aspects of our very being and spark profound long-lasting results. Tai Chi for Wellness can be done seated or standing – indoors or outdoors, even at a work station or desk.  It is an essential tool for preventive health and part of a wellness lifestyle that anyone can easily incorporate into their daily life. This class can be adjusted and customized for any age group, activity level or group need.


Awaken the Goddess Within™

Celebrate being a woman.  Transform yourself into the woman you know you are and want to be. With our many responsibilities and busy lives, we risk losing who we once were, losing who we want to be, or losing the chance to release a new goddess that’s been hiding inside of us all along.  Here is your chance to gently awaken the girl inside, free your eternal spirit, deepen inner healing, and unleash your goddess within. Enlighten your female expression through gentle movement, focused breath and specific words of meditation to calm the mind, heal the body and awaken your spirit through an original Qigong method designed by Deborah to enhance the inner beauty of a woman and empower her to move through stress or life challenges with internal strength, clarity and calmness. A true gift to woman of all ages, this class can be enjoyed as a seminar, half or full day workshop, or a full weekend retreat.


Everything As You Wish

Creating the life you crave begins with true wellness within. It is within your reach… all you have to do is wish for it. Sound impossible? Only if you believe it is impossible! Your personal health and wellness is lying deep inside of you right now… Abundance, success, love, contentment, happiness … all you have to do is tap into your God given healing powers, which are always within you, to create the life you want to live. This seminar will use principals from The Horse, The Dragon and The 10,000 Things to guide you to a place of clarity and flow to move you into a positive sense of self. Using a base of traditional Chinese beliefs and customs to help explain ‘unexplainable’ theories, the general concept of getting in touch with the simple, core parts of our life within our world become easy to grasp and will help open the door to a healthier and happier spirit. This is a great seminar for children or for teachers to take back to their classrooms or for anyone needing a little boost and guidance toward a more positive outlook on life. Includes character images and intentions, gentle movements and focused breathwork for this interactive story-telling experience.