Empowering Children

Stress overpowers children and affects them in detrimental ways which they may express in small to severe levels. Hearing about ‘cutting’, ‘hair pulling’, alcohol and drug use and suicide attempts for our children, now even at very young ages is horrify and sad. Children are crying out for help. Stress in children is at an all time high. With the busy, stressful home life children experience along with the demands that school and other kids can place on them – not to mention the fact that their bodies are changing and morphing at an incredibly fast pace as natural hormones rush through their maturing bodies creating changes in them they may struggle to understand or know how to deal with.

Children have been medicated for hyperactivity, inattentiveness and inappropriate emotions – treated with drugs that affect their physical growth, dampen their creativity and individualism while leaving them with long-term side effects that they may carry into adulthood.

Childhood isn’t necessarily all daisies and butterflies anymore.

Offering children a training to help them learn about their own bodies and how they work best while giving them easy to use tools to accomplish self-control, higher self-esteem and personal awareness about themselves and their environment is completely empowering… to children of all ages.

Deborah has over 30 years of experience working with children through dance education, safe-touch massage therapy and children’s Qigong (Tai Chi). She has taught preschoolers to college students how to become empowered, strong and healthy through her wellness classes designed specifically for each age group and presented in an effective manner to achieve high participation and overall results. Her extensive work in grade schools lead her to write her first book; “The Horse, The Dragon & The 10,000 Things” which walks children through a stress reduction and positive outlook training disguised in an entertaining storybook format.  This book and corresponding DVD can be used as a training tool for teachers, therapists or caregivers as a way to introduce easy-to-understand wellness and stress reduction techniques without having to undergo extensive training in this area themselves.  Or choose to have Deborah present the information herself. She offers a discounted rate to schools and education centers. Please inquire about classes, speaking engagements or teacher training programs.