Relationship Empowerment

Building Connection with Growth
Bring your relationships alive – whether with your spouse, child, parent, teammates or employees.  Open doors to communication, find joy in sharing time together, and work through difficult break-downs in connection and conversation. Let Deborah introduce you to the “FourWays” personality assessment to help you understand yourself and those around you more clearly in a light-hearted yet extremely effective method of clarity about the people we share this world with. Or allow her to teach you physical ways to connect on a deeper, more intimate level through easy-to-do partner exercises or simple forms of compassionate and healthy touch with effective, loving massage techniques.  Nothing esoteric or uncomfortable, rather a mainstream, common-sense approach toward growth within which accelerates empowerment in every area of our life, including our relationships with those around us. With her extensive background in Massage Therapy and Tai Chi/Qigong, Deborah offers a unique pathway to open doors for better communication to effectively bring clarity and purpose into each relationship and allow people to grow together toward feeling alive and happy.

Deborah has worked with people in one-on-one situations or in group settings.  She can create a personalized session depending on the needs of the couple, family, group or business. Or let her and her spouse, Dave Scheer – expert on growth for relationship and business – design a workshop or retreat with a different dynamic for an intensive, relationship-oriented experience. (for more information, go to “resources” below or visit