Personal Empowerment

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Life gets busy, people need us, our job takes energy away from us, our health and wellness get put on a shelf because, “there is just not enough time for me right now”… and then you get sick… or your marriage starts to destruct… your kids stop connecting with you… your job exhausts you.  Before you realize it, a bit of you dies inside or maybe a large chunk! The darkness creeps in and now the walls seem too high to climb over and you feel trapped, lost, out-of-control… sadness and apathy fill you up and you no longer have the desire or passion for much of anything anymore.

All of us have felt some level of this at one time or another, but there is a way out. You can come alive again! Let Deborah help you learn how to inhale life-giving hope. With over 25+ years in the wellness field; extensive experience as a therapist and coach as well as knowledge in a variety of natural health and eastern energy therapies, Deborah can pull from a wide variety of tools to guide and empower people through their own unique situations.  Invite her to teach you ways to connect with your inner self and feel empowered to enjoy life the way you were intended. By using simple, easy to learn techniques toward personal awareness and accountability, you can become personally empowered to be in complete control of your own health and happiness.

Deborah is available for classes or a series of classes for groups of all sizes. Come to one of her upcoming empowerment workshops or have her customize a workshop for your group, team, or business – 60, 90, 120 minute classes, half or full day interactive workshops or retreats are created for specific needs within the group. For a full-retreat, gather a group and let her design a special retreat specified to your goals, either at your location or plan a group trip to a remote location or country to aid in an intensive empowerment retreat. Ask how Deborah can help you plan a travel retreat or sign up for one of the upcoming workshops or retreats listed under “events” on this site.

You deserve to live a happy, abundant and healthy life filled with enthusiasm and joy. Be Empowered – Be Alive!