Corporate Empowerment

Take your business or workplace from a stagnant, stale environment into a thriving, alive culture filled with enthusiasm and productivity simply by allowing employees to feel empowered through personal accountability. Deborah can motivate individuals, leaders or teams to learn about themselves through teaching personal awareness exercises to get them into an engaged state of thinking and being. Once people become engaged and responsible for themselves and learn simple ways to feel better in their own physical and mental wellness, their desire and commitment toward growth and wellness in other areas is an abundant side effect. The trickle-down effect of a person or team coming alive through empowerment can completely turn around a business in a very positive and lucrative way. Let Deborah share knowledge and experience she has acquired from empowering her own team to help her take her business from a place of devastation and close to bankruptcy to a successful thriving culture of engaged employees who bring creativity, productivity and job satisfaction to themselves as well as great customer service and referrals from every person who walks through the door.

Deborah is available for 60-90 minute wellness empowering lectures, half and full day seminars or consulting with core management or business owners.
Stop the pain of business survival and fear of what the next day brings and begin your path to freedom, success and abundance by bringing your business into the light of empowerment to truly come alive.